Commissioning a Work of Art; What to expect

Commissioning a Work of Art; What to expect

Julie Grose Metal Design

Commissioning a unique, personalised design of quality is totally worthwhile but a major investment both financially and emotionally.

The description below explains the stages taken to bring a project to fruition.

The Initial Meeting and Design Phase

  • A meeting is set to discuss the project, ie; what you are after/ your ideas so far and the available budget. Site visits are preferable as I can see the intended location and take preliminary measurements.
    A design fee is agreed to continue and cover the design phases. This will be absorbed into the total cost of the project.
  • Brainstorming involves research and exploration of the discussed themes to create a design, or designs plus the ideal materials and stock sizes are carefully considered.
  • A second meeting, (either on site or at the studio), will enable discussion of the design/s to help determine a favoured one. Alterations to the chosen design can be made at this stage. A quote will be given along with the design.

Nb; Ownership of preliminary studies, designs and all work always remains the property of myself, the artist.

The Making

Clients are encouraged to visit the studio, around the 2nd payment stage, to see their projects progress.

The Finishing
The Installing

Payments are preferably made in three stages;
1st; To cover materials and start of project.
2nd; Mid-way through the making.
3rd; The remaining amount and additional charges*. To be paid on completion.

*Any contracted stages of work, eg; galvanizing, cannot be quoted for until they have been done. Therefore these additional costs will be added onto the final stage payment, as will the delivery and installation cost. An estimate of these charges can be given.

Quality of work is to a high standard and customer wants and needs are taken into account from the beginning. Any project undertaken is made with care and is built to last.

I look forward to hearing from you.